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Diving into Cybersecurity: Insider Career Sessions with our Industry Partners

Amidst the intensive training across the 4-month Alpha Specialist Training Programme (ASTP) bootcamp, our trainees at Red Alpha are provided with ample avenues to connect with advanced practitioners in the industry – one of which, is through our career sessions. They form a crucial part of the programme as trainees get to meet with industry experts in-person to gain a better understanding of the profession and its undertakings. Read on as we dive deeper into what goes behind the sessions!

Learning from the best in the industry (over lunch!)

Our Cohort 02 ASTP trainees have recently wrapped up a series of career sessions with our mentors from various esteemed placement partners, whom we invited for lunch. Special mention to Accenture, Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT), Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Horangi Cyber Security, Kiteworks, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) C4I Community and ST Engineering for their continued support!

As usual, our career sessions kickstart with our partners sharing on career prospects and progression pathways at their respective departments. After which, our trainees will breakout into intimate-sized groups for lunch with invited mentors, where they get the opportunity to have some deep questions answered!

Our mentors were generous in sharing of career advice and tips tailored to our trainees' specific interests, thereby supporting their discovery of what to expect in the profession. It was also heartening to witness our trainees and mentors exchanging motivational stories on what it means for them to contribute to the cybersecurity landscape as a practitioner.

ASTP Cohort 2 Career Session with ST Engineering

In fact, these career sessions and mentorship opportunities serve as gateways to the second phase of the ASTP Programme – Industry Placement and Real-world Training. As our trainees familiarise themselves with industry opportunities, the guidance received by our mentors will help in determining the placement company that aligns best with their interests and areas of specialisation in cybersecurity.

Entering ASTP Level 2: Industry Placement and Real-World Training

As our trainees graduate from their bootcamp and progress on – this time, making their entrance into the workforce – it is important to uncover the rationale behind incorporating industry placement as part of our programme.

Here at Red Alpha, we pride ourselves on our select-train-place model – where we select, train and prepare purpose-driven cybersecurity professionals and talents for the workforce. Complemented with our hands-on learning approach, we believe that the practical experience gained through industry placement promotes better theoretical understanding of threats and missions faced in cyber defence roles. Furthermore, the insights and exposure gained on-the-job serve as a supplement to their classroom learning. Best of all? Our trainees are compensated as full-time cybersecurity professionals!

Take a sneak-peek into our career sessions!

Truly, our Cohort 02 ASTP trainees have been a joy to journey with over the past months! We are excited to see where they will venture on from here as they begin the next phase into the industry. Not to forget, a big thank you to our key partners for their selfless support and guidance alongside our trainees in Red Alpha!


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