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Welcoming Yoav Korman as Red Alpha Cybersecurity's Managing Director!

We are thrilled to officially announce Yoav Korman as the new managing director of Red Alpha Cybersecurity Singapore! 

Yoav joining us is an awesome step for our company, where we focus on the development of cybersecurity talent, during a time when there is a significant global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Headquartered in Singapore, we collaborate extensively with private and public organisations, including government agencies, small and medium enterprises, and multinational corporations. We pride ourselves on our commitment and dedication to redefining the future of cybersecurity.

With over 15 years of experience in business development to the role, coupled with a robust background in management, acquisition integration, and marketing strategy, Yoav shared his enthusiasm about his new role, saying,

"It's an honour to join the team and lead our efforts in cultivating a diverse and skilled workforce for the ever-evolving digital age. What’s uplifting to hear is that we were able to bring value to our clients by expanding their cyber teams efficiently with the addition of our quality talent." 

Prior to joining our team, Yoav was inspired by our contribution in transforming people's lives, recalling noteworthy stories of individuals from various backgrounds who transitioned into cybersecurity professionals:

"Hearing the inspiring stories of how a musician, graphic designer, or teacher became cybersecurity professionals is simply inspiring and mind-blowing.
I look forward to collaborating closely with our dedicated team, clients, and partners to continue making a tangible impact on both our industry and society as a whole."

Additionally, Yoav has also introduced the '100 Meetings in 100 Days' initiative, aimed at connecting with cybersecurity professionals to share knowledge and discuss the current cyber landscape and talent development.

With Yoav onboard our team, we excited to propel Red Alpha's expanding mission forward together! 🇸🇬 💪 

Read the full feature here:


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